Hike with Me, Baby

A series of non-fiction monologues about a powerful pull of nature and life-shifting experiences that often go hand in hand. Special thanks to Lee Thomason, a seasoned hiker that connected us to these stories. Our photographer is Teresa Cunningham. Recorded, edited and produced by Regina Revazova of Open Conversation. For more visit www.openconversation.com

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Wednesday Sep 14, 2022

Moving up the career ladder is normally celebrated in our society. Yet some of us lose a lot along the way; lose slowly and invisibly for others. And, sometimes, one needs to wipe the slate clean to regain the lost aspects of... themselves. This is David Metzler's story. Brought to you by OpenConversation.com   

Monday Aug 29, 2022

Sheridan Correa and I met through Lee Thomason, our friend in common and a fellow hiker. Sheridan strikes with the type of joy that is rare in humans to exhibit in day-to-day regular settings: vibrant, radiating, contagious joy and an immense love for life. Brought to you by OpenConversation.com 

Tuesday Jul 19, 2022

Announcing a new limited-run series.  

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